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April 29th, 2014 @ 09:46

Candidates Must Not Make Commitments That May Win Votes But Will Cost Jobs

Chambers Ireland has today said that Local Elections’ candidates must not commit to implementing policies that may win votes but will ultimately cost jobs, such as lowering the Local Property Tax in areas with a high commercial rates base.

Speaking this morning, Chambers Ireland Deputy Chief Executive Seán Murphy said "The Local Property Tax was introduced under the idea of a fair ‘user pays’ principal. Decreasing the Local Property Tax and increasing the financial burden on business, as some candidates have suggested, runs counter to this and cannot happen. Business remains the largest single source of funding for Local Authorities. The reform of Local Government and the introduction of the Local Property Tax must be used as an opportunity to cut costs, find efficiencies and ease the burden on business. Only then will the local economy benefit and foster job creation and growth.”

“While it may seem that the business community continues to talk about commercial rates; that is only because they remain such a major issue. High commercial rates remain an obstacle for some businesses that cannot afford to hire extra staff or invest in the future of their business as a result. Candidates must take into account the needs of all members of the local community when setting out policies. They must also be mindful of the need to support business and to create an environment conducive to job creation,” he concluded.

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